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Collector #5
(Man in a Wicker Chair), 1975

In 1995, Joan Frederick published T.C. Cannon: He Stood in the Sun, the biography of the influential contemporary Kiowa painter who is widely considered to be the Van Gogh of Native American art. Cannon is unquestionably the star of the young artists who left the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 1960s and went on to change Indian art into the contemporary scene we recognize today in galleries across the country. Cannon's untimely death at the age of 31 in a 1978 car accident catapulted him to cult status among Indian artists of the time. His sophisticated use of color and style coupled with unflinching political content gave voice to a new generation of socially aware modern Native American artists and writers.

More than 20 years have passed, yet no one has taken the place of this charismatic painter, poet, and renaissance man who walked two roads, both modern and traditional. Frederick's monograph interviews Cannon's friends, family, art critics and historians but also presents many poems, essays, sketches, and hard to find paintings of Cannon's finest work (65 color reproductions, 25 b/w, and 40 sketches). Friends tell unusual stories, critics relate his importance to history, but through his sketchbook musings and poetry Cannon himself bares his soul to illuminate the life and work of this Indian art icon.

Self Portrait in Studio

Self Portrait in the Studio, 1975

Collector #3, 1974

Edward Hummingbird, AMAZON.COM review:
***** star rating!
"It all adds up to more than just a presentation of his works: it adds up to a presentation of the artist himself. This book is a MUST for students, collectors and other patrons of Indian art and history. "

Ann Morand, Curator of Art Collections, GILCREASE MUSEUM, Tulsa, Oklahoma:
"Incredibly enlightening, but also a pleasure to read. Frederick has made an important contribution to art history as well as Native American studies."

Martin Sullivan, Director, THE HEARD MUSEUM, Phoenix, AZ:
"A solid, well-researched, readable work that will be of enduring value. A fascinating and poignant story. He and his work represent a real benchmark in Native American painting."

Steve Block, INTERNET BOOK REVIEW (Nov. 12, 1995):
"Cannon is thought by many to have brought Native American art into the modern era with his adaptations from old photographs, his bold use of color, and his portrayal of contemporary Indian life. An honest, heartfelt work and a fitting

A Remembered Muse (Tosca), 1978

Clothbound first edition, signed by the author, $50 each.

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