TC Cannon

All photos 8 x 12" matted to 11 x 14", signed by the artist, $45 each.
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Indian Bar, Oklahoma

Morning Altar

Favorite Son


Straight Dancer


Pow Wow Singer


View From Mt. Scott, Oklahoma


Paker Pow Wow


Rainy Mountain, Kiowa Holy Place, Oklahoma


Comanche Moccaasins


Quanah Parker's Star House, Oklahoma


Comanche Dance Regalia


Peyote Water Bucket


Red Blanket


Three Tipis


Buffalo Herd


Christmas, Indian Bar, Oklahoma

Vietnam War Models


Head Man Dancer


Head Lady Dancer

View From the Top


Vietnam Veteran

Tipi Top

Tipi Shadows


Tipi Portal

Rainbow Moccasins

Pow Wow Friends



Pow Wow Bench

Land of the Red Man


Comanche Captive


Cigar Store Indians

His Indian Name


Geronimo's Guardhouse


Commanche Beaded Belt

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